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RTP Volleyball League Information

The RTP Volleyball League (RTPVL) is a volunteer run Non-profit adult volleyball league established over 30 years ago to improve physical and social activity of the members employed in the RTP region. The RTPVL runs two 10 week outdoor sand volleyball seasons (Spring and Fall) and an indoor season (Winter), each ending in a tournament. Prizes are awarded to both the regular season and tournament champions. Spring season normally starts the first week in April and Fall season normally starts first week in August.  Winter indoor season will start in early December.

This is a bring your own team league. Captains register their teams and then add players to their team.  There is always a Free agent list for each season for captains to pick up needed players.

The format for outdoor is coed 4 or 6 person teams, with at least one female and no more than 3 or 4 male on the court at any time. We play on sand courts distributed through RTP.  Quads are normally a more competitive level than the sixes.

  1. Sunday quads
  2. Monday quads
  3. Tuesday quads
  4. Wednesday sixes
  5. Thursday sixes

Teams play two matches each night, at 5:30p and 6:30p. Matches are three games to 25 (or 21 when sunset is before 7:30p), all of which count in the final standings. See Rules & Policies for more details.

Indoor is normally on Sunday nights starting around 8p.


Winter Indoor 2023 Champions!

Congratulations to hehe xD and STRIVE for winning the Gold and Silver tournament brackets!

  • hehe xD Gold Tournament Winners
  • STRIVE Silver Tournament Winners
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RTPVL Contact Katie Olson

RTP Volleyball League

Phone: 9193328501