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Fall Schedule and Standings

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Current season in underway!

Winter Season Information!

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Spring Season Winners

Sunday Quads: Regular Season and Tournament: Don't Dink and Dive 

Monday Quads: Regular season: The Uncanny Volley  

Tuesday Quads: Regular season: Shazam              Tournament: Better Ducks

Wednesday Sixes: Regular season: Ghost Blockers Tournament: Bumpin Uglies

Thursday INT Sixes: Regular season: Dink in a Box Tournament: Volleybrawl

Thursday REC Sixes: Regular season and Tournament: Serves Up!

Spring Winners!

  • Serves Up! Regular and Tournament Thursday REC Winner
  • Better Ducks Tuesday Tournament Winner
  • Volleybrawl Thursday INT Tournament Winner
  • The Uncanny Volley Monday Regular Season Winner
  • Ghost Blockers Wednesday Regular Season Winner
  • Don't Dink and Dive Sunday Regular Season and Tournament Winner

RTP Volleyball League Facebook Page

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RTPVL Contact Katie Olson

RTP Volleyball League President

Phone: 9193328501